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Paul Hemphill:

Explore an exciting homeschooling resource that brings America’s most written-about event to life. Our video program focuses on weaving narratives from courage to generosity to inspire your child.

Forget boring textbooks and mundane lessons – our program brings historical facts to life with emotion, wonder, and a deep exploration of core values.


Paul Lloyd Hemphill is an Author, Speaker, Videographer, and a Veteran.

In 2020, Paul launched American Education Defenders, Inc., a nonprofit defending our children against negative cultural influences. Fueled by his best-seller, INSPIRATION FOR TEENS, Paul created its video version.

His 7 books and 3 audiobooks culminate in the video series, AMERICA’S 52 STORIES.

This initiative imparts life lessons and develops critical thinking skills. The stories foster a bond between parent and child, a beautiful bonus on this educational journey.

This program motivates students to say “WOW!”
to a newly discovered and energized self-image.

Discover our inspiring video series for grades 5-12.

the problem our chldren face

“When children aren’t given the space to struggle through things on their own, they don’t learn to problem-solve very well.

“They don’t learn to be confident in their own abilities, and it can affect their self-esteem.

“The other problem with never having to struggle is that you never experience failure and can develop an overwhelming fear of failure and of disappointing others. 

“Both the low-confidence and the fear of failure can lead to depression, anxiety, or self-doubt.”

– Madeline Levine, author of The Price of Privilege


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Unlock the potential of children by recognizing their innate need for attention, which not only provides a vital sense of security and self-worth but also lays the cornerstone for cultivating thriving relationships, resilience in navigating life's hurdles, and an enriched capacity for absorbing knowledge.

Skeptical? TRY US.

Free gift for you: Receive 4 weeks of our 52-week program just because we want to prove our program works.


My son is 9 and he is still benefiting from the discussions with my older child. I especially appreciate that it promotes good character and lends to a more critical way of thinking

Anna M. CA

I decided, going forward, to home school my kids because of all this. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see this take off!

Tammy T. CA

These are trying times, and I am so happy to have something, anything, to share with my children that can provide them with inspiration and morals that I can stand behind.

Nicole, A. GA

I spent some time this morning watching some of your videos and they are fantastic! (no surprise). Knowing some homeschooling moms, I will pass your course along to them.

Aaron, W. MN

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