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Paul Hemphill:

Explore an exciting homeschooling resource that brings American history to life through true stories. Our video program focuses on one pivotal event, weaving narratives from courage to generosity to inspire your child.

Forget boring textbooks and mundane lessons – our program brings facts to life with emotion, wonder, and a deep exploration of core values.


Paul Lloyd Hemphill is an Author, Speaker, Videographer, and a Veteran.

In 2020, Paul launched American Education Defenders, Inc., a nonprofit defending our children against negative cultural influences. Fueled by his best-seller, INSPIRATION FOR TEENS, Paul created its video version.

His 7 books and 3 audiobooks culminate in the video series, AMERICA’S 52 STORIES.

This initiative imparts life lessons and develops critical thinking skills. The stories foster a bond between parent and child, a beautiful bonus on this educational journey.

This program motivates students to say “WOW!”
to a newly discovered and energized self-image.

Discover our inspiring video series for grades 5-12.

the problem our chldren face

“When children aren’t given the space to struggle through things on their own, they don’t learn to problem-solve very well.

“They don’t learn to be confident in their own abilities, and it can affect their self-esteem.

“The other problem with never having to struggle is that you never experience failure and can develop an overwhelming fear of failure and of disappointing others. 

“Both the low-confidence and the fear of failure can lead to depression, anxiety, or self-doubt.”

– Madeline Levine, author of The Price of Privilege


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Children and teens crave attention, offering a sense of security and self-worth. Feeling valued at home helps foster positive relationships, resilience in challenges, and a greater capacity for learning.

Skeptical? TRY US.

Free gift for you: Receive 4 weeks of our 52-week program just because we want to prove our program works.


My son is 9 and he is still benefiting from the discussions with my older child. I especially appreciate that it promotes good character and lends to a more critical way of thinking

Anna M. CA

I decided, going forward, to home school my kids because of all this. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see this take off!

Tammy T. CA

These are trying times, and I am so happy to have something, anything, to share with my children that can provide them with inspiration and morals that I can stand behind.

Nicole, A. GA

I spent some time this morning watching some of your videos and they are fantastic! (no surprise). Knowing some homeschooling moms, I will pass your course along to them.

Aaron, W. MN

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