Self Esteem

Our mission is to help our youth believe in themselves and their country.

We do it by making student centered learning as our focus.

It’s learning that pays attention to how the student is affected, not how to conform to standardization or compliance.

We use true stories from just one event in American history to carry our mission.

They prove that your child can be independent, self-reliant, responsible,  imaginative, determined, empathetic, honest, and motivated.

These are all values that America stands for. 

It helps our youth to believe in themselves and their country.

The Logic Is Simple:

Teach our children that they too can benefit from these values.

As a result, they will be dedicated to protecting those values as they become unexpected patriots.

Homeschool Curriculum

You can easily improve self-esteem at home.

That’s because public schools have no program to alter the lack of confidence in students.

Ours can be part of your homeschool resources that have a desire to teach American history that is creative, meaningful, and personal.

Simply put, we provide personal growth lessons for teenagers.

Imagine your child looking forward to a history lesson!


In fact, teachers can discover how and why our program works so well.

Here’s another unexpected benefit we hear from home educators:

Parents and students find our videos to be a bonding opportunity.

Why? It’s because each video has stimulating questions that follow the lessons.

They’re designed to make both the student AND the adult THINK about how
a life lesson relates to him/her.

It’s also the start of developing critical thinking skills.

                        Imagine history that’s easy and challenging at the same time!


 The student will answer, and sometimes, with difficulty.

It gets to be fun when the parent answers the same question.

Maybe one of your homeschool lesson plans got a little more engaging?

Students have never seen American history presented this way, and parents have never been more positive about how it’s presented. 

As our program is student-learning centered, a positive self-image is created.