Self-confidence audiobook takes its inspiration from the best-seller, WHY YOU’RE ALREADY A LEADER, which has been renamed, INSPIRATION FOR TEENS.

Can listening to stories from a famous Civil War battle prove that you’re a leader? Even if you are the commander of nothing, the president of nothing, or the captain of absolutely nothing, this book proves that leadership is already in your DNA.

To make the point, listening to this book will heighten your awareness of what you are capable of, what you can achieve, and who you can become.  You won’t have to make the tough observation late in life as famous author George Bernard Shaw did when he was asked, “What do you miss most in life in your old age?” His response was, “The person I miss the most is the person I could have been.”

With this in mind, if you enjoy fast-paced story-telling that inspires the discovery of your own leadership ability, illustrates the power of character, and prescribes elements for your own success, this book is your daily companion.

In summary, listen to any story to expand your outlook and enrich your life. And do it with over 150 life lessons from 76 stories from a self-confidence audiobook. Its video version is an excellent complement to the audiobook.

The author spent over 10 years writing thousands of radio ads under daily pressure to sell products and services quickly and convincingly. This get-to-the-point style is the trademark of this superbly written book.

Buy Inspiration For Teens now to be on your way to your own success by recognizing your own leadership ability.